Sweden will move the test of the digital crown to the current bank network

Rixbank, the Central Bank of Sweden, attracted to testing a digital crown one of the largest financial companies in the country.

As part of the Pilot Program, the Central Bank will postpone the tests of E-KRONA from the medium simulated in the Sandbox to the current commercial network of Handelsbanken banks. This step will help Rixbank to evaluate the real prospects for the use of digital crown not only in large corporate operations, but also for small retail payments.

The project of the Swedish CBDC was created on the basis of the distributed CORDA registry of the R3 Consortium. Sweden

So far, the only state that launched the national digital currency is the Bahamas, and only two countries (Sweden and China) have begun open tests. However, according to the Bank of International Claims, central banks representing 20% of the world’s population are likely to release their CBDC in the next three years.

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New technology allows you to deliver medications against blood flow

Scientists have developed nanoparticles that can be used to transport drugs against blood flow.

Previously, the researchers have already represented various options for nanoscopic capsules for the directional delivery of substances at a certain point of the body, but they all moved only «for the flow.» Now the team from the Swiss Higher Technical School of Zurich created magnetic balls with a diameter of 3 μm, consisting of iron and polymer oxide.

During the tests, they were placed in a glass tube with an inner diameter of about as human blood vessels. Liquid also flowed through it. Using a magnetic field, the researchers grouped nanocapsules in «Roy», and then with the help of ultrasonic pulses, they move them against the flow near the walls where it is weaker.

According to scientists, in the future such balls can be used not only for accurate delivery of drugs, but also for carrying out microsurgical procedures.

Previously, we also reported

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China launched a national copyright protection block

Chinese copyright society (CSC) launched a national blockchain-platform to confirm and protect copyright.

The new system will be used to document digital copyright, tracking and collecting evidence of their violations on the network, informing the removal of pirate products, processing lawsuits and assistance in solving litigation in this area. The reliability of the platform will ensure the impossibility of changing the generated data, and the mechanism of distributed consensus.

Since 2018, the Chinese judicial system has recognized the evidence confirmed by the blockchain, and considers them legally significant. Since last year online courts and

According to the chairman of CSC, Xiaokhun Yang, the blockchain will noticeably reduce the cost of protection of digital copyright, will increase the effectiveness of the fight against piracy and will open up new opportunities for collecting evidence of violations, trade in digital assets and uphold the interests of the owners.

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Minning Etheruum brings more income than bitcoins mining, the third month in a row

According to Coin Metrics, the third month in a row Etheric miners total earn more bitcoin miners, which is the longest period of superiority for all time.

Last month, general payments to the participants of the Ethereum network accounted for $ 1.03 billion, which is $ 58 million higher than

A higher income from the extraction of ether is achieved not at the expense of the issue of emissions of new coins, and due to higher commission payments for transaction processing. In the ETH network last month, the fees amounted to 180 million (May 1.03 billion record), whereas for Bitcoin, this indicator has reached only $ 27.6 million.

Over the past year, Ethereum for commission fees accounted for at least 14% of the total payout.

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