Bitcoin’s course fell below $ 48 thousand against the background of the «cooling» of the market

The price of bitcoin fell below the level of $ 48 thousand, reaching the lowest mark over the past 48 days.

In less than a day, the BTC rate fell from $ 55 thousand to $ 47.5 thousand. Correction went into lateral traffic, and the market began to attempt to return lost positions. At the time of publication, Bitcoin trades $ 49368 with a daily loss of 8.56%.

Among the causes of such a sharp collapse, the proposal of the US President Joe Bayiden is half an increase in capital gains tax, bearings in the cryptocurrency futures market and a series of major sales orders on large stock exchanges.

Part of the analysts also talk about returning the balance of flows after a long «overheating» of the retail market.

Since the daily chart the rate dropped below the 100-day moving average, it is not possible to further decrease to the support level of about $ 46 thousand.

Recall that, according to Analytics JPMorgan, the Bitcoin market expects

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Etherium by 20% surpassed the Bitcoin market by trading volume

According to Coingecko on May 25, the daily bidding volume was about $ 60 billion, while the Bitcoin market reached only $ 50.2 billion.

Initially, the company published in Twitter information showing that in 24 hours from hand to hand ETH has passed on $ 115 billion, but they turned out to be overestimated due to an API error on Exx. After the exclusion of the platform from the analysis, a correct score estimate was obtained.

Analysts allocate several possible reasons for increasing trading activity in the Etheric market. One of the factors could be a recent Goldman Sachs report, one of the world’s largest investment banks, which says that the ether has high chances to take the position of Bitcoin as the main means of saving among digital assets.

The financial conglomerate argues its forecast that ETH is a base for rapidly developing applications in the field of decentralized finances and non-financial tokens, as well as exceed the BTC network in terms of transactions.

Other experts tend to ensure that the market has stimulated the GRAYSCALE Institutional Foundation’s statement that the company based on ether is traded with a much greater prize than Bitcoin-based.

Earlier this month, the analytical service Glassnode also reported that the balances of the Ethereum on the stock exchanges were reduced to

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MicroStrategy will continue to invest in Bitcoin

MicroStrategy General Director Michael Sailor said that the company will continue to follow its crypto investment strategy, and in the future plans to invest additional funds into digital assets.

According to the last quarterly report, currently provider of business analysts and software developer for mobile devices owns 105,085 bitcoins a book value of $ 2.051 billion (the market value at the rate at the time of publication is $ 4.187 billion). The company has accumulated such an impressive reserve.

However, this is only a negative result of accounting at the end of the second quarter, and in fact Microstrategy earned about $ 1 billion on investments in cryptocurrency. This is due to the fact that the US regulations require the cost of intangible assets on the balance sheet only when their price is dropped, and the increase is taken into account only. At the time of sale or write off.

The company spent $ 2.741 billion to acquire all bitcoins, and on the date of the formation of a report on financial results (June 30) their market value was $ 3.653 billion.

Nevertheless, despite the actual profit and commitment to Michael Sailor to digital assets, he recently said that a long-term strategy could be revised if after 4 years the BTC course will be below the current one. Last month, MicroStrategy also reported that he could invest some of the funds from the sale of shares on

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Bitcoin’s course fell below $ 40 thousand against the background of strengthening concerns in the market

The price of bitcoin fell below $ 40 thousand, reaching a 14-week minimum due to the weakening of investor support.

The last time BTC traded at that price on February 9. The current decline is due to the enhancement of investors’ concerns after falling the price of leading cryptocurrency to the level of $ 43 thousand on May 12. According to the service of Alternative, the index of fear and greed has fallen from 73 to 21, which is a low indicator and indicates the uncertainty of market participants in the further prospects of the asset. The last time such negative moods on the market were observed in April 2020.

Financial director and head of the trade operations department ICB FUND Chen Limin believes that the collapse stimulated the statement of the Central Bank of China regarding the prohibition prospects cryptocurrency. Taking into account the fact that after the manipulative tweets of Ilona, the Bitcoin mask was under very serious pressure, a drop of 12.5% over the past 24 hours it looks quite logical and reasonable.

At the time of publication, Bitcoin trades $ 39364.

Excitement of investors is also due to an increase in volatility, negative rates in the cryptoderivatives market and a decline in interest in investment products based on Bitcoin. Only during the collapse of the course on May 12, long positions were liquidated in the amount of $ 1 billion.

Now Bitcoin returned to the start of the year, in the area of $ 40 thousand. It has strong technical support. Chen Limin believes that if the course of the leading cryptocurrency will enaches below this mark, it is quite possible to fall until the next levels of support for $ 32 thousand or even $ 24 thousand adding that there is no need to wait for a quick recovery due to the too negative news background.

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Bitcoin’s course for the first time climbed above $ 50 thousand.

This afternoon, Bitcoin’s course first overcame the important mark of $ 50 thousand, setting a new historical maximum.

The test of the psychological level occurred at 15:30 Moscow time, after which the price of BTC continued to grow up to $ 50616. However, the bulls succeeded only for a long time to keep the position achieved, because the wave of fixation of the profits quickly cooled the market focus. At the time of publication, Bitcoin trades $ 49.3 thousand with a daily increase of 2.64%.

Since the beginning of the year, the course of lead cryptocurrency increased by 68%, which largely contributed interest from large investors and

It is possible that today’s growth is associated with Microstrategy’s statement, an announced a plan for the launch of convertible bonds for $ 90 million, the means of selling which will send to the purchase of BTC.

As prices increase, the capitalization of Bitcoin is gradually approaching $ 1 trillion. To achieve this goal will require an increase of up to $ 53.6 thousand.

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Whales bitcoins for $ 3 billion during the price collapse last week

According to the analytic company Chainalysis, during the fall of the Bitcoin’s course on May 23 to $ 30 thousand. Large investors bought 77 thousand BTC, the cost of which at the current rate is more than 2.9 billion.

Last week, the course fell from $ 49 thousand to a minimum mark of $ 30 thousand, causing a wave of closing of long positions by $ 3.3 billion in the watches of the Panic Sale of Hedge Funds and management companies actively bought cryptocurrency at a low price.

According to Chainalysis, at this time, traders sold 1.2 million bitcoins with a loss of 5-25%, another 120 thousand BTCs were in a hurry at a price of more than 25% below the procurement. According to the company’s estimates, the total loss from panic sales last week amounted to 3.2 billion, which is the worst in the history of the indicator in fitate terms. The collapse lowered the course of leading cryptocurrency below the average purchase price for the last 12 months, which is now $ 37.8 thousand.

A similar situation occurred in the Etheric market. During the recession of 22.6 million ETHs were sold with loss of 5-25%. However, the average losses were lower than the Bitcoin investors who bought coins for 4-13 weeks before the collapse.

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Dollar pulls cryptocurrency and other risky assets down

The dollar pulls risky assets down, subordinating and cryptocurrencies of this trend. On Friday, the Bitcoin course falls, trying to gain a minimum of Thursday’s minimum of about $ 37400.

Earlier today was the expiration in the derivatives market, where the greatest interest was focused on the strike of $ 38,000 and now from the development of negative dynamics can only keep the triple expiration on the URAL market, which can limit the sales of risky assets as a whole, with which the Cryptovalus is traced to the correlation.

The reason for investors in all markets to go for the weekend is not in the rainbow mood, the results of the last meeting of the Fed were the results. After improving the forecast of inflation for this year, the Committee allowed that by the end of 2023 the key bet will increase twice. Previous expectations were not so aggressive. The volume of purchases of market assets remained unchanged, but its adjustment is only a matter of time. So far, it will not be known whether this will happen in September or macroeconomic data will allow the Fed to postpone the launch of policies to December. In any case, the rates will subsequently be higher and the countdown has already begun.

An alarm signal also appeared on the cryptocurrency market. According to Glassnode, long-term Bitcoin investors seemed to be improved, and reduce the positions of «in profits». This indicates the LTH-SOPR indicator. Earlier in Santiment, they were calculated that for the previous 25 days the owners of addresses on which from 100 to 10,000 BTC were stored, increased their positions worth

Now if they switch to sales, exit from the current consolidation up, to which optimists are calculated, it will be questionable. Locally confirmed the formation of a downward wave to $ 35,000 (maybe below if the movement is dynamic).

On Friday, it also became aware of the requirement of the authorities of the Chinese province Sichuan to suspend operations until June 20. Alibaba Cloud warned that he could suspend the provision of domain services due to regulatory requirements.

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Hesherate Bitcoin fell to an 8-month minimum due to the disconnection of Chinese miners

According to the BitInfocharts service, the Heschean network Bitcoin fell to 91.2 eh / s, which is the lowest level from November 2020.

The current indicator is 46% lower than the average for May and almost twice the historic maximum of 171.4 EC / C, which has been reached 6 weeks ago. In addition to computing power, the profitability of mining fell. At the moment it fluctuates in the area of $ 0.226 per 1 TX / C, which is less than May level at $ 0.449 per 1 t / s.

Although the drop of Hesherate means weakening competition among manners, but it also means a decrease in its level of safety and simplifying a potential attack 51%.

Reducing the computing power of the Bitcoin network is due to the continuing pressure of the Chinese authorities on companies that mining cryptocurrency. The current decline was summoned by the Friday order of the Sichuan government about the immediate cessation of electricity supplies. As a result, the hashrai of the largest Chinese mining pools at the weekend asked from 10% to 22%.

Previously the authorities

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New type of modified wood generates electricity from pressure

Scientists have found a way to turn wood into a mini generator that produces electricity from deformation.

Materials possessing such properties are called piezoelectric. Wood in itself can generate eclectic stress in compression, but it is very weak. Researchers from the Swiss Higher Technical School of Zurich and the Interdisciplinary Swiss Research Institute of Applied Material Sciences and Technologies developed a modification method significantly increasing its potential.

To do this, the team chemically removed hard lignin, turning wood into white luxury material. It consists of a plurality of thin layers of cellulose and sufficiently suppliance, therefore it is capable of generating a higher voltage than the original natural material.

According to scientists, the similar effect can be achieved using the Ganoderma ApplanaTum fungus instead of chemicals, which naturally decomposes lignin and hemicellulose.

In the future, biosensors and environmentally friendly construction materials that transcribe pressure energy can be created from such a modified wood.

Previously, we also reported on the development of transparent wood, which blocks heat and ultraviolet

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Scientists have developed an oral insulin preparation for diabetics

Researchers have developed a system for oral insulin delivery based on nanocapsules, which can completely replace traditional injections.

To control the level of sugar in the blood of diabetics, they are forced to regularly introduce a hormone into the body by injection, which in addition to painful sensations is associated with undesirable side effects. However, now scientists from New York University in Abu Dhabi presented a more convenient form of the drug.

The group has developed nanocapsules consisting of a plurality of NCOF arresting organic frame layers filled with insulin. They protect the hormone from the gastric juice, ensure normalization of the sugar level for two hours after the reception and quickly respond to its normalization, blocking further splitting of the coating sheets to prevent overdose.

The oral method of delivering insulin in nanoparticles does not harm the body, is completely biocompatible and allows you to adjust the amount of the drug administered depending on the current need.

Perhaps soon the need for regular input of insulin drugs will go to the past, since recent scientists were able

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