US military experienced grenades in the form of drones

In the course of recent teachings, American marines were tested by drone-kamikadze with explosives, which can be filmed from a grenade launcher.

DefendTex Development called DRONE40 with traditional four blades and vertical fuselage, which can be filled with explosive to perform a grenade function. At our own weight, only 190 g is able to fly with a maximum payload of 300 g.

The device can also be repeatedly used for other tasks. Since drone is controlled remotely from the ground station, it can be used in intelligence operations, getting streaming video from cameras during the flight. DRONE40 is equipped with a 20.5 W battery, whose charge is enough to overcome 20 km or continuously fly for 30-60 minutes at a speed of 20 m / s.

Drone can be routed manually or shoot from a 40-mm grenade launcher. At the same time, if he did not hit the target, it may return to the database for reuse. An explosive in it can be easily replaced by any other useful load required for the current mission, for example, a laser target designator or a smoke grenade.

DefendTex produces DRONE40 by 3D printing, so they have a low cost.

Recall that last year China

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The Israeli Defense Ministry arrested 84 cryptococheries, managed Hamas, mainly with Bitcoins and Tether

The Minister of Defense of Israel Beni Ganz has signed an order to arrest 84 Kripkochelikov who binds Hamas’s militants.

According to analysts, various cryptocurrency with a total cost of about $ 7.7 million is stored on the analysts of the list of about $ 7.7 million. The main share is accounted for by Bitcoins and TETHER stelkins, but deposits also include Ethyurium, Dogicoin, XRP, Cardano and Stellar.

The National Bureau to combat the financing of Israel’s terrorism has been attributed to the ownership of most Palestinian wallets associated with Hamas. However, some addresses are anonymous, exchange deposits or belong to brokers, and in other information is limited only by email.

The authorities did not disclose the names of trading platforms, on which the militants were allegedly conducted. The ministry also stated that any individual can appeal against the arrest of digital assets if he considers it unlawful.

Despite the cases of use cryptocurrency in criminal activity and terrorism, earlier this year a representative of the Foundation for Human Rights

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Visa began maintaining direct calculations in USDC stelkins

Visa added to its payment network the function of direct settlements in the USDC stelkkin on the Ethereum block.

As part of the pilot program, the new service is tested only in collaboration with the platform, but from next year to the project will begin to attract other participants. The estimated agent is the Anchorage cryptobank.

In fact, Visa has become the first major payment network that has added support for stelkopins without concomitant conversion mechanisms in Fiat. According to Jack Forstella products, the innovation will help the business in the field of crypto industry and Fintech, which is based on calculations in digital assets.

The payment giant believes that Supporting USDC marks a huge step towards integrating digital money into the financial system.

Since last month, Visa also tests experimental

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The Government of El Salvador will present $ 30 in Bitcoins to all citizens

The President of El Salvador announced that every adult resident of the country during the registration of a cryptocurrency wallet would receive Bitcoin as a gift in the amount of $ 30.

The crypto community was delighted with this news, because according to preliminary estimates, to fulfill the plan, the authorities will need to buy a BTC by more than $ 100 million according to the last census, the total population of Salvador is about 6.5 million, of which more than 4.5 million adults who are Potentially can become active users of leading cryptocurrency.

According to analyst estimates, during their account, the general base of users of Bitcoin may increase by 2.5%.

However, citizens of the country can count on a gift in equivalent to $ 30 only after registering in an application released by the government. At a press conference, the President of Niaib Bookel said that the electronic wallet proposed by the authorities can be used anywhere where there is a mobile communication, even with an inactive tariff plan.

He also said that the previously adopted law

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Maldives will build a floating city of 200 hectares

The Maldives government announced the launch of a project for the construction of floating islands.

One of the main problems of the island state is the lack of sushi for development. To solve the issue of the country’s power, in 2010 approved a plan to expand the territory by building artificial floating islands. However, for many years, its implementation remained uncertain. The situation corrected the agreement with Dutch Docklands.

After agreeing all the conditions, on March 14, the Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasad stated the official launch of a new project of building a floating city near the capital of the Maldives.

The Dutch Docklands plan provides for a phased creation of a floating city in the lagoon next to Male Square of 200 hectares. Construction will begin in 2022 and will last 10 years. After completing all the works, the city will be a residential area, hotels, shops and restaurants.

Recall that the Danish Energy Agency has also announced the construction plan of the world in the world

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The Bitcoin market began positioning battles for the level of $ 40 thousand.

On Tuesday, the Bitcoin market began positioning battles for the possession of a psychological height of $ 40 thousand after the upgrade of the maxima over the past three weeks.

The jump is almost 19% on Sunday-Monday made with caution to assess the possibility of continuing growth, even despite

His words are confirmed by INTERTRUST survey data, according to which world hedge funds plan to significantly increase the share of digital assets, up to 7.2% of their NAV. But it was about 2026.

Now many can occupy expectant positions. Goldman Sachs recommended customers not to rush to diversify investment portfolios using cryptoaculations. The weekly data from Coinshares reflected the outflow of funds from cryptophords the second week in a row in the amount of $ 21 million. Everyone is waiting to reduce the pressure of regulators and withdrawing the current uncertainty.

For this reason, especially at current levels, buying major players can weaken that it will extend the consolidation period for the entire June and most of July. In any case, the technical picture does not exclude this. The triangle received a wider framework and while only three waves of five are traced in it. Subsequent will lead to a decrease in volatility and narrowing range. If the hypothesis is correct, then a smooth decline to $ 37,000 should be expected and then $ 34,000 — $ 35,000.

According to Altkinam, the script of consolidation and did not dispute. Even in Polkadot, which on the eve went up by 17% at once on the background of news about receiving listing on Coinbase Pro. Rally in Bitcoin, which led to an increase in the index of its dominance to 43.5%, provoked new tweet mask regarding the return of purchases of electric vehicles for BTC. «Conscience» will cease to torment him when the proportion of green mining will reach 50% (the University of Cambridge has previously appreciated it in 30%). Hackers from Anonymous can now not visit the mask.

Ahead of the US Federal FRAS. What will say the head of the Central Bank by Jerome Powell, will the recent jump of consumer prices ignore? Or finally declared the need to discuss the timing and pace of folding the work of the «Printing Machine». This concerns many in the traditional financial market and some, such as a billionaire Paul Tudor Jones, are ready to invest up to 5% of their capital in Bitcoin as hege. The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday at 21:00 Moscow time, after half an hour, Powell press conference will begin.

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Scientists have found a new harmless way to treat alcoholism

Biologists have developed a mixture of two safe preparations, which suppresses the work of «proteins of dependence» only in the cells of the brain, without affecting the remaining tissues of the body.

The development of alcoholism and other forms of drug addiction in humans are caused by violations in the work of certain types of nerve cells in the adjacent kernel of the brain and some other related areas responsible for the feeling of pleasure. Recently, scientists have discovered that with such changes, the activity of the MTORC1 protein complex increases. The substance directly affects the development of addiction, and the decrease in its blood concentration reduces the thrust to alcohol and narcotic drugs.

However, in addition to neurons, this protein affects the immune system and the operation of the liver, so its complete suppression is very harmful. Now biologists from California University in San Francisco found a combination of drugs solving this problem.

In studies on mice with alcohol addiction, they used two drugs with opposite properties (RAPALINK-1 and RAPABLOCK). The first — suppresses the activity of MTORC1 proteins, and the second acts in the opposite way. However, Rapalink-1 is able to penetrate through the barrier separating the brain from the circulatory system, and the Rapablock is not.

Therefore, the simultaneous reception of these two drugs leads to the fact that MTORC1 is blocked only in brain cells and continues to act in the rest of the body.

Experiments have shown that such therapy reduced the craving for alcohol in mice with a dependence of 2-3 times. At the same time, rodents did not suffer from side effects characteristic of the suppression of the MTORC1 protein complex in the liver and other organs.

In the future, the team will examine whether it is possible to treat other dependencies in the same way and how safely the long-term use of the combination of drugs is.

Previously, we also reported on the invention of synthetic

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MasterCard will add support for cryptocurrency in its network until the end of the year

The international payment system MasterCard stated that this year will add to its network the possibility of cryptocurrency transactions.

According to the announcement, despite the ongoing disputes regarding digital assets, they are becoming an increasingly significant element of the world of payments. Therefore, by the end of the year, the company intends to add functionality, which will allow users to make direct operations with cryptocurrency.

Currently, cardholders can pay for digital assets, but sellers receive these payments in the form of the equivalent FIAT sum after conversion at the current course.

MasterCard also reported that he plans to support only part of existing cryptoacivals, since many still do not meet regulatory requirements. Although the company does not call permissible options, but says that among them there are stelkopins.

The new functionality will allow business not only to take cryptocurrency payments, but will also stimulate the promotion of this method of calculations. However, in some cases, to popularize this form of payment requires integration of solutions to scale the second level. Since now because of

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Scientists have created the world’s smallest electronic device, 2 atom thick

Researchers have developed a technology that allows you to store information in the thinner of the electrical device itself, consisting of an inert material, the thickness of only two atoms.

The work of modern computers is based on chips with a coin size with billions of tiny crystals switched between two charge states, which corresponds to 0 or 1, «yes» or «no», «up» or «down» and so on. This makes it possible to encode and process information by electrical signals. Although the crystals are incredibly small sizes, but consist of millions of atoms (approximately 100x100x100), and are able to switch at a speed of about a million times per second.

Now scientists from the University of Tel Aviv committed a breakthrough in this area, having reduced the thickness of the crystals to two atoms. Such a fine structure also allows you to significantly increase the speed of the computing device due to the quantum effects of moving electrons and reduce power consumption.

The team used two-dimensional material with a hexagonal structure from boron and nitrogen atoms with a thickness of one atom. Having disturbed the natural crystalline symmetry, and artificially connecting two such layers, they received a parallel configuration without a displacement, despite the power of repulsion between the atoms of one species. Scientists have achieved this using various configuration of the layers.

Such a violation of symmetry causes an electrical charge to be reorganized between layers and generate tiny internal electrical polarization, perpendicular to their plane. When applying an external electric field in the opposite direction, the system slides in the side direction to switch the orientation of the polarization, which remains stable even after the external field is turned off. It looks like three-dimensional ferroelectric systems.

In the future, the team plans to create two-dimensional crystals with similar properties, but from other combinations of atoms. According to developers, such devices will help improve modern electronics, and will also allow the use of light to control.

Recall that recently researchers also opened a new type of two-dimensional

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FATF moved the refinement of the cryptocurrency guidelines for October

The development of financial measures of money for money laundering (FATF) decided to postpone the refinement of the cryptocurrency leadership until October to get more feedback from the current edition.

The intergovernmental organization came to this at the last plenary meeting, which addressed the progress of introduction in various jurisdictions of contradictory standards from 2019. FATF notes that out of 128 accountable countries, in two years the claims of the current leadership in their legislative framework included only 52, and six completely banned speculative operations with cryptocurrency.

The group fears that «jurisdiction arbitration» will begin to develop, promoting illegal operations with digital assets. The overview of the current situation will be released on July 5th.

In the next manual

The cryptos community is concerned about the Natius of the International Organization, and believes that such measures will not simply begin to slow down the development of the industry, but will be suppressed.

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