Xiaomi will release a wireless charging with a radius of action in several meters


Xiaomi announced a remote-action wireless charger, which can be powered by several devices at once across the room.

The inductive systems that exist today work through lining and coils, therefore are effective only if not everywhere can be applied everywhere. However, Xiaomi plans to bring the «real» wireless charging station MI Air Charge.

The developers argue that the future 5-W charging system will use 144 antennas for sending millimeter waves to special receivers built into the company’s electronics. The station will be able to effectively charge several devices at once at a distance of several meters, and its signals will pass through physical objects.

Xiaomi has not yet called the Mi Air Charge exit times and compatible devices to the market. However, the company noted that 17 new technological solutions were patented during the development of the station, which is more than from other manufacturers.

Recall that recently researchers

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