Xiaomi introduced a full charge of smartphone in 8 minutes


Xiaomi has developed a new quick charging system that replenishes the smartphone battery energy from 0 to 100% in 8 minutes.

The technology called Hypercharge provides charging power to 200 W through the cable and 120 W wireless.

The demonstration video shows that the system begins with low power, gradually increasing turns, and reaches the maximum value only when the battery received 22% of the energy after about 1.5 minutes. The intensity begins to decline after 3 minutes when the phone is already half charged. On the filling of the remaining 50% takes 5 minutes.

The wireless system works on a similar algorithm, but due to lower power, the charging process slows down, and the replenishment time of 100% of the battery increases to 15 minutes.

It should be understood that the video shows laboratory tests, and not the demonstration of the serial model of the smartphone. While the company only announced the achievement of record performance of the charging systems, although it is possible that it introduces Hypercharge to its products in the near future.

Despite the intriguing demonstration, Xiaomi did not specify how much the new system reduces the term of the effective service of the lithium-ion battery, which, with such an intensive load, will be very hot.

Previously, the Chinese manufacturer also announced a wireless charger with

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