Wright experienced an electric power engine capacity of 2 MW for large passenger aircraft


Startup Wright introduced a 2 megawatt engine for the future electric airliner.

The key obstacle for large passenger electric aircraft is the high mass of batteries needed to power the motors that create sufficient lift. However, the development of Wright engineers produces power equivalent to 2,700 horsepower with effectiveness of 10 kW / kg, which is twice as high as the indicator of modern power plants in this industry.

The presented electric aircraft engines will initially be installed together with hydrogen (to increase the range of flight) to the hybrid aircraft of its own production. In the future, engineers plan to make them compatible with models of other companies.

Future narrow-sophisticated Wright 1 airliners at 186 seats will be able to overcome more than 1250 km. The company plans to start using them for the carriage of passengers by 2030. About the same time

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