WikiBit: the first tool for finding information about reliable blockchain projects and cryptoci


One of the most complex tasks in the financial sector is to determine the reliability of the organization for cooperation. For young Crypto Industry, this question is even more relevant than for regulated traditional markets. Therefore, convenient tools and traders are needed to study the profiles of companies offering financial products or services. The first such service for the crypton was wikibit.

WikiBit is an open platform on which the main information on the activities of organizations associated with blockchain or digital assets are collected, the presence of the necessary licenses, solvency, the degree of supervision of regulators, the risk level of the products and dozens of other criteria.

The main sources of data aggregation are publicly available government bases of more than 30 countries and exposing fraudsters by the auditors. All proven information in combination with user reviews, traffic analyzers systems and computer models allows you to form a comprehensive assessment of the security level of each listed project.

The platform does not post advertising publications, does not charge for ranking or review, since it was created to help investors and traders avoid fraudulent trading platforms and scam projects.

Currently, the tool has already combined data on more than 5837 exchanges, 8364 tokens and 26 regulators around the world. So far, the platform has no analogues.

On the site all information is divided into several main blocks:

In the rating block for each of the projects, a brief description of key characteristics is carried out, an average estimate, all known problems and negative points in its activities. Related reviews and news are also displayed below. This unit is divided into three categories: stock exchanges, tokens, blockchain projects.

The exposure block describes the results of personal visits to offices of companies by WikiBit. The fact of the reality of each review is confirmed by photos with the platform logo in the hands of the verifier. The auditors assess the situation and staff in the office at the legal address of the project, and on the basis of all they have seen make an expert opinion.

All tokens and low-assessment blocks, compromised or confidential, are assembled in a separate blacklist. Although its design is identical to a block of ratings, but in each description of large fonts a warning of suspicious aspects of activity and potential high risk of cooperation has been displayed.

This section deserves separate attention, since it aggregates complaints of customer clients. For most negative reviews, snapshots with confirmations of violations are attached. All complaints are divided into several types: problems with the derivation of funds, fraud and other.

Reports of serious violations can be the basis for leaving the auditor to the office of this company.

In addition to publicly available ratings and reviews, WikiBit also has closed materials and analytics, access to which the VIP subscription opens.

From the main site you can go to the Terminal page based on TradingView graphs with more than 200 cryptocurrency and token courses.

The platform has a separate section dedicated to the world’s largest Bitcoin-trust GRAYScale. It can find a lot of analytical information with schedules for the distribution of assets, current positions and rates.

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