Who Invented Global Warming?


A lot of people with critical thinking and able to independently analyze information do not find clear confirmation of the anthropogenic contribution of human civilization to global warming.

Then a number of questions rightly arise:

Why did you come up with global warming?

Who are these people and what are their goals?

In the end

In the 1960s

In the 1970s

1988 year

Since the 1970s


There is no need to go for a well-known example for a long time.

Ecoactivists claim that almost all climate scientists agree that carbon dioxide emissions (

According to the National Climate Data Center, the concentration

Average concentration

According to the latest data, the average concentration

According to calculations of the planetary energy balance of the planet, the average temperature on the Earth’s surface without greenhouse gases will be

The actual average temperature is

According to the 700-page

According to the forecasts of ecologists,

Stern gives his prediction:

And on the basis of the above data, a forecast is made, which is very catastrophic:

According to a study by scientists published in the scientific journal «The Anthropocene equation»

According to NASA climate change data, starting

NASA predicts that further man-made human activities based on hydrocarbon energy sources will lead to an increase in the concentration of

Statistics and numerous studies are unanimous: humanity has begun to significantly influence the increase in carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere.

According to Stern’s study, the distribution of global emissions is as follows:

All this

If we sum up all the data, then our civilization has nothing to do with global warming, since, according to all known scientific works, —

Anyone with critical thinking and introspection will rightly note:

And why the data in most studies have a time period from the beginning of the 19th century, and the most extensive operate on data that are dated 800 thousand years ago?

Didn’t there exist life on Earth before that time, and dinosaurs too? But what about the plants? After all, the efficiency of photosynthesis is directly related to the concentration of carbon dioxide, and the higher it is, the more effective this process is.

And why is it “different”, if during the period of the most massive biodiversity on Earth, the concentration

What’s the matter here? Why do we need such manipulations and mass hysteria around the problem of global warming?

It’s simple:

To be continued:

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