Who benefits from global warming?


That’s right, it’s a fact. The same fact as the fact that greenhouse gases are only one of the factors of global warming, including:

Moreover, most of the research is based on the concentration of carbon dioxide.

The last

Why some eco-activists and even well-known bloggers leading popular science channels compare the future of the Earth with Venus.

Let’s turn to the later data. Take a period of time starting

Immediately we see strong contrast

According to research


In the Mesozoic era, concentration

According to research carried out

It is proved that

Going further, we see in the journal Nature Climate Change an article written by an international team of ecologists, geographers and climatologists, which reports on the important role of

According to research,

Studies have shown that simple addition to ambient air

So an increase in CO2 concentration is a boon for the Earth. And it will not turn into any desert, and it will not become Venus.

But we, people, are uncomfortable living at high levels

At concentrations

The increasing concentration of CO2 threatens, first of all, ourselves, and not our planet. For the Earth, this is generally good!

However, eco-activists claim the exact opposite:

Is everyone so dull and degraded that they really believe in what they say and in what they do?

Nooo, here’s the thing:

But we’ll talk about this in the final 3 part.

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