Whales bitcoins for $ 3 billion during the price collapse last week


According to the analytic company Chainalysis, during the fall of the Bitcoin’s course on May 23 to $ 30 thousand. Large investors bought 77 thousand BTC, the cost of which at the current rate is more than 2.9 billion.

Last week, the course fell from $ 49 thousand to a minimum mark of $ 30 thousand, causing a wave of closing of long positions by $ 3.3 billion in the watches of the Panic Sale of Hedge Funds and management companies actively bought cryptocurrency at a low price.

According to Chainalysis, at this time, traders sold 1.2 million bitcoins with a loss of 5-25%, another 120 thousand BTCs were in a hurry at a price of more than 25% below the procurement. According to the company’s estimates, the total loss from panic sales last week amounted to 3.2 billion, which is the worst in the history of the indicator in fitate terms. The collapse lowered the course of leading cryptocurrency below the average purchase price for the last 12 months, which is now $ 37.8 thousand.

A similar situation occurred in the Etheric market. During the recession of 22.6 million ETHs were sold with loss of 5-25%. However, the average losses were lower than the Bitcoin investors who bought coins for 4-13 weeks before the collapse.

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