Visa tests a set of banking services for cryptocurrency operations


Visa reported on the start of testing experimental set of application programming interfaces (API), allowing banks to offer services based on cryptocurrency.

As part of a pilot project, a payment giant, together with the FIRST Boulevard digital bank, is already tested by a set of tools with which customers can easily work with digital assets. Other financial institutions also showed interest in the program and expect approval for participation.

According to Visa representatives, in the future, new services will allow not only to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and steaks, but also perform other operations with digital assets. For example, to receive interest on deposits in the form of bitcoins, to form investment portfolios, open high-yield savings cryptoscopes.

Currently, the payment giant collaborates with 35 cryptophirs, but the Visa Crypto Apis program has become the first case when such solutions are offered to banks.

The company believes that stelkopins can be a convenient tool for trade and exchange at the international level by creating a bridge between thousands of financial institutions of various types. It is possible that Visa prepares the base for the deployment of its own digital currency substituting Fiat,

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