Viritech Develops a hydrogen car without fuel tanks


The British company Viritech plans to produce hypercars on hydrogen fuel, which will be stored under pressure in the hollow monocoa frame.

Hydrogen fuel is a promising alternative to the fossil, since it provides a much greater reserve of the course than the electric vehicle battery charge. However, heavy and bulky cylinders are usually used for its storage under high pressure. Viritech designers decided to completely abandon them, replacing structural vessels.

To do this, the company has developed a ultra-light monoconne frame from the graphene composite material, which will extract compressed hydrogen. Similarly, manufacturers of electric vehicles are now placed batteries.

On the technical characteristics of the future model called Apricale, so far little is known. According to Viritech, the hydrogen car will receive a transmissision with a capacity of 1100 hp. The stroke stock must be much more than electric cars, since the closest competitor of the company claimed that the fuel tank is enough

APRICALE serial edition should start from 2023 while the first models are collected to demonstrate capabilities.

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