Virgin Galactic will send Richard Branson to space on July 11


The founder of the company Virgin Galactic Sir Richard Branson will personally take part in the test flight of his space shuttle Spaceshiptwo VSS Unity.

The launch of the mission in which the billionaire will take part is scheduled for July 11. It will become the 22nd Total Test Test and the fourth piloted. In addition to Richard Branson in the VSS Unity cabin, three more technical specialists will be located, including two pilots.

In the process of all flight, the founder of the company will evaluate the «client experience» and will pass the same preparation as other passengers. Currently, more than 600 people booked a place in future tourist missions of Virgin Galactic, each of them paid for a place in the flight of $ 250 thousand.

The company will lead open SPACESHIPTWO flight broadcast on July 11 from 7:00 Moscow time.

Richard Branson will go to space exactly a week before Jeff Bezness, the founder of Amazon and another Space Tourism Company Blue Origin. This indicates that now the Space Race moves from governments to billionaires. Just day after the past successful launch of VSS Unity, Virgin Galactic shares

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