Vestas released the world’s first wind generator with a capacity of 15 MW with a 236-meter rotor


The Danish company Vestas introduced a new wind generator with the highest rated power, the rotor diameter and the wind sequence area.

The gigantic design is equipped with an innovative turbine by 15 MW and a 236-meter rotor, the area of rotation of which is 43,743 m2. According to Vestas’s statement, for the year of the marine windmill V236-15.0MW will be able to produce about 80 GWP electricity, which is sufficient to provide 20 thousand European homes, as well as prevent carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere.

The manufacturer claims that the optimization of the structural synergy of the generator has significantly increased its effectiveness compared to other models, therefore, reduce the cost of generated energy for future projects.

The first wind generator for 15 MW should be set in 2022, and from 2024 it is planned to launch serial production. Customers will be able to submit their applications from 2021.

Recall that the Danish Energy Agency has announced a construction plan in the North Sea of the world in the world

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