US military experienced grenades in the form of drones


In the course of recent teachings, American marines were tested by drone-kamikadze with explosives, which can be filmed from a grenade launcher.

DefendTex Development called DRONE40 with traditional four blades and vertical fuselage, which can be filled with explosive to perform a grenade function. At our own weight, only 190 g is able to fly with a maximum payload of 300 g.

The device can also be repeatedly used for other tasks. Since drone is controlled remotely from the ground station, it can be used in intelligence operations, getting streaming video from cameras during the flight. DRONE40 is equipped with a 20.5 W battery, whose charge is enough to overcome 20 km or continuously fly for 30-60 minutes at a speed of 20 m / s.

Drone can be routed manually or shoot from a 40-mm grenade launcher. At the same time, if he did not hit the target, it may return to the database for reuse. An explosive in it can be easily replaced by any other useful load required for the current mission, for example, a laser target designator or a smoke grenade.

DefendTex produces DRONE40 by 3D printing, so they have a low cost.

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