US Defense Wants Wants to replace costumes of special protection by bimolecular barriers


The Department of Prospective Research Projects of the US Department of Defense (DARPA) instructed three contractors to develop new easier and effective solutions to protect the military from chemical and biological threats.

One of the most unpleasant aspects of the service of soldiers is running in the general protective set. These suits from impermeable rubber-like with a gas mask need to wear on a standard uniform to perform the tasks set, without subjected to threats of chemical or biological weapons and radioactive dust. In addition to inconvenience, their ability to withstand various threats is reduced as military technologies.

As part of the Personalized Protective Biosystem program (personal protective biosystems), the Office concluded contracts with Flir Systems, Leidos and Charles River Analytics to develop new lightweight materials and molecular systems that can withstand a wide threat spectrum for a long time. Cooperation provides not only work on an improved costume, but also the search for biomolecular methods of protecting the human body or its individual parts.

The five-year program includes two main directions of development. The first includes creating a complete equipment that completely protects from 10 dangerous agents.

The second direction is the development of threat neutralization methods with the help of natural biological barriers that can be configured to a specific factor. It provides for the study of commensmial organisms that naturally exist on the skin or in the human body, helping to protect against infections and other threats.

Such biomolecular barriers should neutralize the influence of harmful factors on open areas of the body and increase the duration of finding soldiers under dangerous conditions, as well as applied to treatment and prevention.

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