Uncertainty on crypton intensify and Bitcoin behaves not as a risky asset


The situation on the cryptocurrency market has become less defined and will remain as follows to the release of the report on the American labor market. Bitcoin so far does not behave as an asylum, but how

The upcoming data on the US labor market will form the basis for the decision-making of the Fed on the timing of reducing the influx of liquidity into financial markets, which will affect the perception of risk. The strengthening of the dollar suggests that traders do not exclude positive surprises from the US Minthouse today at 15:30. At the same time, the exchange wisdom can work «buy on rumors, sell in fact.»

In this case, the current «bull-trap» will be false. The course of the first cryptocurrency will return ahead of the inclined resistance above the previously completed upward resistance (it has shifted to $ 33,400 at noon on July 2) and further on fuel closing shorts will take the maximum of $ 36,500.

The news background as a whole remains neutral. After stabilization of Hesreit, we can expect a gradual recovery to be expected, which indirectly indicate the plans of the mining companies to expand capacity and production indicators of the manufacturers of ASIC devices. This should follow the gradual improvement in network metrics, which still leave much to be desired — on the eve of the number of active addresses dropped to a minimum from April 2020 — from 1.3 million to 500 thousand.

Connecting to the Campaign against the Binance Regulator of the Cayman Islands, where it is assumed to the platform and is registered, throws a shadow on one of the leading Bitcoin Exchange and can lead to Shakkiska in the future. But there are no details from American regulators, the market prefers not to pay attention to such news. Native cryptocurrency, BINANCE COIN, does not stand out against the background of others in the top 10.

Partly moods can support RobinHood plans for IPO access, which can legitimize cryptoturn business in the SEC’s eyes even more after the Coinbase shares began to be traded on NASDAQ. The disclosed digits, of course, cannot but impress — 9.5 million users and the volume of bidding $ 88 billion cryptocurrencies in January-March — already 17% of the total revenue against 4% in the fourth quarter of 2020. A third of activity — dogecoin. On the eve of Mask, «Rained» his favorite coin with the songs «Baby Doo, DOO» and referring to the «Cross Father», but the effect of his name this time was not long. On the horizon of one day and week asset is an outsider in the top 10.

More serious attitude towards cryptocurrency at JPMorgan. The bank headed by Bitcoin-Skeptics, Jimmy Daimon, the Bank does not forget about business. Analysts of the financial institution predicted the growth of revenues from Stayking from current $ 9 billion to $ 40 billion by 2025. Shipping signal Ethereum, Cardano and other assets on PROOF-OF-STAKE? Perhaps, but for the long-term perspective — on Friday, Bitcoin looks better. We are waiting for the labor market.

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