UK is developing rockets that will be able to cooperate in Swarm


The United Kingdom Ministry of Defense invests the development of new systems that will allow missiles to adapt to the current situation and interact with each other as Swarm.

«Smart Rockets» appeared more than 50 years ago, when officers or pilots had the opportunity to send them to the goal, laser guidance technology. Although since then, the projectiles have become even more advanced, they still act on the principle of «top down» and exchange information only with the launcher.

Now the British military want to create autonomous weapons of the next generation. Within the framework of the CSWTD program (CO-Operative Strike Weapons Technology Demonstrato), the government has allocated $ 3.5 million ($ 4.8 million) to develop new software and equipment for interdistant communication, thanks to which they will be able to evaluate the current situation. , exchange data from each other, coordinate your actions and adjust the script of the mission in flight to perform the tasks set.

Work on the project of the missile network began in April of the current year and should be completed within 5 years. CSWTD is part of a more large-scale laboratory research program.

Since last year, the British military also conduct aerodynamic tests of the sixth generation fighter

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