UAE Manage the weather with drones, electrical clouds


To combat droughts in Dubai began to use drones that are affected by electric charge clouds, increasing the likelihood of rain.

During the year in the United Arab Emirates, less than 10 cm of precipitation falls on average, and the temperature often exceeds 40 ° C. However, now the Government decided to change this with the help of new technologies and allocated $ 15 million to the weather management initiative.

Financing was distributed between nine projects to increase the amount of precipitation. Part of the funds received the University of Reding, which developed drones, which can lead clouds, electrifying the clouds. According to engineers, drones actually hit the clouds with electric charge, making drops in them quite large so that they can fall to the surface in the form of rain.

The first tests were successful, causing shower in Dubai and the surrounding areas of the country. The rain was so strong that meteorologists published warnings for drivers about the need to observe attentiveness on a slippery road.

Nevertheless, not everyone positively perceived the plans of the authorities to increase precipitation. Part of meteorologists fear that in the future the side effect of such weather manipulations can be flooded.

Recall that earlier Chinese engineers also developed a setup that

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