Two defense contractors USA began to develop an unmanned electric lounge


General Motors and Lockheed Martin united in the project to develop the next generation research lunar apparatus.

Partners plan to create a fully electric lunokhod, which will allow long-term scientific missions on the satellite surface. According to the announcement, it will be able not only to overcome long distances in extreme conditions, but also move in unmanned mode.

Companies have begun designing a vehicle without contracts with NASA. However, it is possible that in the future the Space Agency will offer them cooperation under the Moon’s Development Program.

To achieve success, partners will need to find effective solutions to a number of problems: movement on uneven surfaces with powdered residual soil under conditions of low gravity, protection of crew and equipment from huge temperature drops (from 126 ° C during the day to -173 ° C at night) and space radiation.

General Motors and Lockheed Martin are confident that their many years of experience in creating electric vehicles and robotic spacecraft will help achieve success. Although companies will have to make a lot of effort to catch up with a similar

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