Training at the University of Lucian Goods will be paid for cryptocurrency


The State University of Lucian Goods in Sibiu (ULBS) allowed students to pay cryptocurrent entrance fees.

The Romanian university announced that Introduces the support of payments in the EGLD digital currency of the local ELROND Blockchalter. However, all the funds received universities will automatically convert to Fiat through the stock exchange, as required by law.

Currently, 11 thousand students are listed in the ULBS, and one year of study on average costs about $ 1000. After launching a new system, any student will be able to use it along with traditional payment methods.

Cooperation of the State University with Cryptostarta as part of the Small Business Development Program is not least due to the fact that many employees of the company are graduates of the University of Lucian Good. In addition to the launch of a new payment system, partners will also conduct joint research in the field of digital currencies and

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