Toyota hydrogen car drove more than 1000 km at one refueling


Toyota has installed a new world record for the distance of the hydrogen car.

The former record belonged to Hyundai Nexo, which drove at one dressing 778 km. According to the press release, the Toyota Mirai hydrogen car successfully overcame 1003 km without refueling, and by the time of the end of the distance there are still a little fuel, about 9 km.

Thus, the company demonstrated the high potential of hydrogen fuel cells, which, according to efficiency and ecology, are capable of exceeding the batteries.

The path to the new World Recorder of Toyota Mirai began with the filling station of the French city of Orly at 5:43 am on May 26 and ended on May 31 in Paris. The average fuel consumption per 100 km was 0.55 kg of hydrogen. To achieve this result, each of the four drivers participating on the trip applied the economical driving style. Otherwise, the control was not different from the usual.

Currently, the main obstacles for transport on hydrogen fuel is the absence of the necessary infrastructure and the high cost of cars.

Recall that last year, Hyperion introduced the prototype of the hydrogen-electric supercar with

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