The world’s largest marine converter station will produce 2.4 billion kWh ∙ h per year


The Rudong converter station weighing 22,000 tons went to the destination in the South Sea, from where it will provide electricity over a million homes.

A huge steel complex with a 15-storey building is an element of a large-scale project of China Three Gorges. Rudong will collect and convert electricity from three sea wind power plants in a constant current, and then transmit it to the mainland through a 100-kilometer submarine cable.

According to the technical description, after connecting a capacity of 1.1 GW to produce 2.4 billion kWh per year, providing electricity about 1.36 million homes.

Rudong began her way on the Yangtze River in Nantong, from where he got into the yellow sea and is now approaching the destination. Due to the huge sizes of the conversion station, it was used to move along the river in combination with natural tides.

CTG implements its project within the national program to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in China. As of May, the imminent contaminated the atmosphere more than all developed countries combined.

However, soon the floating Chinese station will give way to the Danish project providing for the construction of a whole

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