The volume of trading of stelkopins in February exceeded $ 384 billion


For February, traders in trade operations have used stelkopins by 384.29 billion, which indicates an increase in interest in this tool.

The last month is a historical maximum and 26% exceeds the previous record fixed in January.

Expected, the largest share of 63.5% accounted for operations with Tether (USDT). The second most popular with Stelcoin was USD Coin (USDC) from 18.7%, and the third position took DAI, which accounted for 9.6%.

With the total market capitalization of Tether at $ 34 billion, in February its turnover exceeded $ 241 billion. Consequently, on average in one month each coin moved from hand to hand 8 times.

Currently, Crypto Industry expects an updated

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