The vector of the cryptocurrency market remains uncertain


On Wednesday, the Bitcoin course checked the resistance of $ 40 thousand for strength, but could not entrenched above, which reflects the continuing uncertainty of the further price vector.

On the eve of the authorities of the Chinese province, inner Mongolia presented a list of measures that will affect local miners. He is able to gain force of law after collecting opinions before June 1 and subsequent approval. Hesherate began to gradually recover, however, the trend is hardly talked because of the expectations that the power of Xinjiang and Sichuani will take similar steps, which is based most of China miners computing capacity.

Against this background, information about creating a platform for ASICs in Kazakhstan and the United States has already appeared. All this will require additional expenses that can entail the sales of bitcoins — on the eve of

Chinese users remain. On Tuesday, one of the noticeable players in the cryptoderivatives market, BYBIT Exchange, began to block the IP addresses of residents of the PRC. Supplemental fuel can not be excluded in FUD fire from the American authorities. Ceo cryptobank Avanti Katelin Long is inclined to such an option.

Large investors are in a state of complete readiness — reduced discount in Bitcoin-trust GRAYScale, the capitalization of USDC stelkins and USDT updated the record, but need triggers. They are not yet. Current recovery can be associated with technical factors and upcoming on Sunday expiration of options where the greatest open interest is focused on the strike of $ 40 thousand.

It remains to catch encouraging signals, read the next Opus from Michael McGlower about the achievement of the Bitcoin’s psychological mark of $ 100,000 after its prey becomes more «green» and wait. Correlation with gaining height of gold is lost, stock and debt market until the «storm». Technically, BTC remains in the corridor $ 30,000 — $ 42,000, which means that next week the downward speaker can resume.

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