The US government wants to expand the taxation cryptocurrency to replenish the treasury by $ 28 billion


The US Congress examines the addition to the law on the infrastructure, which provides for the expansion of the taxation of digital assets. This can increase fees in the treasury by $ 28 billion.

According to a draft version of the document, all organizations and platforms engaged in the transfer of cryptocurrency and their derivatives must be submitted to the tax return in accordance with the new standards. They will have to report on moving any digital assets as well as about cash. Companies will also be required to report to the tax service about customer transactions in the amount of more than $ 10 thousand.

According to estimates of the legislators, in the event of these changes, the treasury can be replenished by $ 28 billion due to fees with

All collected funds from extended taxation cryptocurrency will be aimed at the development of the transport and energy infrastructure of the country.

Representatives of Crypto Industry have already begun to criticize the plans of the Congress, arguing that many companies now simply do not have the ability to collect the necessary information.

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