The US Army is developing anti-tank mines that will not respond to friendly forces and random passers-by


Military plans to create anti-tank mines that will be able to detect an approaching enemy technique, to shoot it a projectile at a distance of 50 meters, ignoring friendly forces and civilians.

According to the announcement of the Army Arsenal Picatinni in New Jersey, the command is looking for a contractor who can deliver solutions for a new type of weapon. Military wants to develop three-component anti-tank mines with several modes that will be combined into a single network with the possibility of remote control.

The key component should be the system of starting drums submaps into the air and the module of their distribution for the «top-level attack». Shells must affect the goal at a distance of 50 meters, as well as possess high maneuverability compared to the existing generation.

No less important elements are an extended «attack bottom» system and a remote control and network connection module. The last component must provide complete control of at least 12 outlets 150×250 meters each at a distance of up to 5 km from the station.

The US Army also wants mines to switch to standby mode for six months with the possibility of returning to a combat state for 30 days. Ultimately, the military plan to develop anti-tank mines, which will be combined into a single network, will be able to hold the enemy at a distance and react only to enemy forces.

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