The representative of the human rights fund called for a society not to perceive Bitcoin in negative light


Director of the Strategy of Human Rights Foundation Alex Pershedstin called people not to associate Bitcoin with crime or terrorism, but to relate is neutral.

In the article for Time magazine, he focused on the fact that the media usually covers the stories about cryptocurrency associated with fraud, crime or terrorism. Alex Pershedtein urged people not to generalize individual cases in pattern and refer to Bitcoin as in cash.

According to him, some extremists actually use digital currencies in their activities, but they also use email, Internet and mobile phones. The representative of the human rights fund also believes that for the democratic state, confidentiality in the financial sector is as important as in the means of communication.

By adding that cash allow much better to hide their actions.

Nevertheless, while many still doubt digital currencies, skeptics continue to use it in their own interests. For example, a recent British financial adviser

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