The profitability of Mineland Bitcoin can double due to a record drop in complexity


According to Bitooda’s FINTEH-company estimates, after a recent decline in the complexity of the Bitcoin network, the mining profitability increased almost twice.

According to the calculations of the company, the difference between the income from one megawatt-hour for the extraction of Bitcoin and the cost of electricity increased from $ 225 to $ 449. Such an increase in the effectiveness of mining was a consequence of falling in the first days of July complexity of its network

After the closure of the multitude of Chinese farms in June, Heshered decreased almost twice as compared with the May peak value, and on June 27 he fell to a minimum indicator over the past 2 years — 58 eh / s. Since then, computing power has increased slightly and at the time of publication fluctuates in the region of 100 eh / s.

GlassNode analysts predict that in the near future miners will be able to reach the April level of profitability when the Bitcoin rate was above $ 60 thousand .

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