The police of New Zealand stole bitcoins designed for special operation


Hackers robbed the Bitcoin-Wallet of the New Zealand Police, the funds on which were to be used in investigating money laundering.

According to local media, during the online purchase operation of prohibited drugs, detectives found that there are no more digital assets at their address, with which it was planned to make calculation with the seller.

As it turned out later, bitcoins worth about $ 32 thousand were translated by a third party, gained access to the closed keys of the police wallet. Law enforcement agencies opened a criminal case on the fact of fraud, but still do not know who moved cryptovalutu and where.

According to Mills Stuart Mills detective, the guilty of the National Group on Combating Organized Crime, the perpetrators are most likely located abroad and their actions were not directed specifically against the police, which simply became a victim of a wider scam aimed at the Bitcoin-Wallet owners.

An investigation into how hackers got access to closed keys and where the means moved, is still being conducted.

Use cryptocurrency in tracking money laundering channels is enough

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