The paste that can accumulate 10 times more energy than the usual battery


Researchers have developed a paste on the basis of magnesium, which accumulates hydrogen energy 10 times greater density than a regular lithium-ion battery.

Hydrogen fuel is usually stored in tanks under a pressure of about 700 atmospheres. These tanks are quite large and explosive, so it may not be used everywhere. Now the team from the Institute of Production Technologies and Advanced Materials. Fraunhofer came up with an alternative way to store and transport this type of energy.

They have developed a chemical paste, which is obtained by mixing hydrogen with magnesium at a temperature of 350 ° C and a pressure of about 0.5 MPa, followed by the addition of ester and metal salts. As a result, a stable viscous gray mass is obtained, which can be stored in cartridges.

The paste withstands the temperature to 250 ° C and can accumulate 10 times more energy than the lithium-ion battery of the same mass.

To release the energy, the special mechanism squeezes the substance into the chamber, where it reacts with water, releaseing hydrogen, which then enters the fuel cell for the production of electricity. In this case, the effectiveness of the paste is enhanced by Hodu at the expense of H2, parallel from the water during the reaction.

The prototype of the energy generator from the paste

Researchers do not reveal many nuances of manufacturing, the fate of the spent substance and the required amount of water. However, they reported that by the end of the year there will be a small enterprise for the production of paste for pilot programs and industry tests.

Previously, we also reported on the development

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