The object in the center of our galaxy may be a bunch of dark matter, and not a black hole


A group of researchers found evidence that the Sagittarius A * is not an ultramic black hole, but is a lot of dark matter.

Previously, the scientific community convened in the opinion that in the center of the Milky Way there is a massive object with the characteristic properties of a huge black hole. However, these conclusions were made on the basis of studying not the object itself, but the behavior of the bodies around it. Now the team from the international center of relativistic astrophysics suggested that similar reactions from other bodies are able to cause another type of mass of bodies, which can even help explain some observed anomalies.

Seven years ago, astrophysicists recorded the oddity, which could be explained: a gas cloud next to Sagittarius A * moved to a position, close enough to be destroyed and tightened with a black hole, but instead it continued its way unscathed.

In their work, researchers suggest that the object in the center of our galaxy is not a black hole, but a clock of dark matter from the alleged Fermionov Darkino. Simulation showed that in this case the gas cloud could pass by him, as actually happened. In this case, the mass of dark matter would have the same effect on the Milky Way as the supermassive black hole.

Recall that recently astronomers discovered signs

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