The new window system reduces the noise level by 26 decibels and improves ventilation 4 times


Researchers have developed a system of an acoustic safe ventilation window, which significantly reduces the level of external noise and improves the ventilation of the room.

Street noise has long been a problem for cities with high population density. The best way today is to avoid it is a closed room with air conditioning. However, the designer team from Singapore’s National University offered a new solution to this issue.

They presented the window system 1.8×0,88×0.15 m, consisting of two layers of glass panels with a thickness of 6 mm at a distance of 8.5 cm from each other, and two ventilation holes located in a checker order. Additionally, sound absorbers are installed on the sides between the glasses.

The tests have shown that such a design reduces the level of incoming noise by 26 dB, which is perceived by a person as a fivefold decrease in its volume. In this case, natural ventilation is possible through open holes.

Air exchange can be improved using a mechanical ventilation system by making it 4 times more efficiently compared to a conventional window unit. Additionally, you can install a filter, blocking dust particles or air pollutants.

Such a system not only provides physical and emotional well-being, but also allows you to reduce the cost of air conditioning.

Recall that researchers of another Singapore University have also recently developed

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