The new portable wind generator works 3 times more efficient than traditional


Halcium startup has developed a portable wind generator that can be operated even in urban conditions.

The device with a power of 1 kW works regardless of the direction of the wind and can generate three times more energy than the usual wind turbine. This is achieved due to the unique structure of the capsule with hidden blades, which increases the speed of the captured wind by 40% before it reaches the inner disk blade.

The design eliminates the need to install the wind generator at height and allows it to be placed on any stable surface. The lack of moving elements and hidden blades make it completely safe.

According to the developers, in the regions, where less than 300 sunny days a year, such installation works more efficiently solar battery. They expect their device to be used on the streets of cities to power private houses and night lighting systems.

Recall that earlier Alpha 311 also developed wind generators for collecting energy

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