The new membrane purifies seaside water from 99.9% salt in a matter of minutes.


Scientists have created a nanofibular hydrophobic membrane for the distillation of seawater, which quickly filters 99.9% of the salt.

71% of the surface of our planet occupies water, but 97.5% of its total volume is salted, and therefore not suitable for drinking or most of the other needs of a person. Currently, climate change also leads to drying rivers and fresh water deficiency in some countries. Therefore, researchers around the world are actively looking for effective ways to solve the problem.

The easiest way is the desalination of sea water through the membrane. The problem is that the accumulation of salts and pollutants on its surface quickly leads to wetting. After moistening the film, the filtering becomes ineffective, because it starts to skip the salt, which requires the replacement of the membrane.

Now the team from the Korean Institute of Construction Technologies has developed a more perfect material that has high hydrophobicity indicators, that is, it can remain dry for a long time. The membrane-generated membrane consists of intertwined nanofolocon PVDF-HFP polymer and silica aerogel acting as a heat insulator. Its three-dimensional structure with a multitude of villi makes the surface of the film with a rough, preventing wetting.

With membrane distillation between the two sides, the temperature difference is created, which causes water from one end to evaporate and move into a state of steam. Although the membrane repels the water molecules, but the water vapor passes well, which after passing through it condenses on a colder side. Since the particles of salt are not moving into a gaseous state, they remain on one side of the membrane, and the purified moisture is collected on the other.

The difference between the new membrane from the traditional.

The tests have shown that even after 30 days of continuous filtering, the membrane does not wet and continues to desisted water with an efficiency of 99.9%.

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