The new electrical system can simultaneously cool the building and heat the water


Scientists have developed a prototype of a hybrid device, which can not only reduce the temperature in a 12 ° C building without electricity, but also heats the water due to sunlight.

Heating and air conditioning systems are one of the main consumers of electricity. Therefore, researchers are improving the system

To create it, the researchers installed the heat emitter in such a way that the heat from the room was harvested on both sides of the panels and was transmitted to the open space in the form of infrared waves. They placed the thermoemitter vertically between a pair of mirrors located V-figuratively. During the experiments, the device reduced the temperature inside the test installation by more than 12 ° C under direct solar rays and at least 14 ° C in imitated night time.

The system uses mirrors consisting of 10 thin layers of silver and silicon dioxide, which selectively interact with waves of different lengths. They reflect the average infrared waves from the emitter, absorbing visible and neighboring infrared rays. This increases the efficiency of the device, because it does not give the Sun to neutralize the cooling effect.

Since the system reflects only part of the radiation, the team decided to use and absorbed energy with benefit. During the tests, the researchers were able to heat water to 60 ° C with it.

The length of the current prototype is only 0.7 m. In the future, scientists plan to scale the device to the roof size.

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