The new Audi model will proact the dashboard data on the windshield


Audi will equip its new Q4 E-TRON crossover with an additional reality display that will display the dashboard information on the windshield.

The projection will consist of static and dynamic elements. The first group includes the display of basic information, for example, the current velocity of the car and the road signs located in front. From the inside of the salon it will look like they float three meters in front of the car.

Dynamic images include elements such as the rotation AR-arrow generated by the navigation system, which will be projected into the driver’s field of view of approximately where they should be in the physical world. The person in the car will seem to seem that they are located ten meters before the vehicle.

To create such effects, AUDI uses the image generation unit built into the dashboard. It consists of a bright liquid crystal display that guides its rays to the mirror system with the optical components of the separation of neighbors and distant elements. Next, the rays are directed to the desired areas of windshield, where the driver perceives them in the form of projection.

The special program module processes and synchronizes all information from sensors and cameras so that the images do not tremble when moving while in the right places of the virtual display.

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