The Moscow Exchange gave way to the crypton in the volume of trading in March


In March 2021, the cumulative trading volume on cryptocira amounted to $ 1.26 trillion, which is 5% more than the volume of the Moscow Exchange for the same period.

The rapid growth of the digital assets market over the past few months has allowed him to go to the level of the leading stock exchanges.

According to official information, in March, the total trading volume in the Moscow stock markets amounted to 90.4 trillion rubles or about $ 1.2 trillion. According to Cryptocompare, the cumulative indicator for all cryptocurrency exchanges for the same period was $ 1.26 trillion.

Calculations of CBoe Global Markets also show that over the past 1.5 years, the cryprot volume rose more than 6 times. In February, his daily turnover was equal to about 20-25% of US stock exchange turnover. Only one BINANCE in March accounted for 23% of the total NYSE Group trading platforms.

Such indicators are talking about the very high liquidity of the cryprotes and more intensive trading. However, as the popularity of digital assets increases, the boundaries between the stock and cryptocurrency market are blurred. For example, Toronto Stock Exchange since the beginning of the year sells Bitcoin-ETF, and recently added derivatives

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