The Meaning of Mind: The Quantum Evolution of the Universe


Analyzing such a complex topic as the emergence and

Today we will not delve into the very essence and features of the Standard Model, but in order to understand the formation of the mind, one should trace a certain feature that does not contradict the formation of our world and the Standard Model itself.

What does all matter around us consist of? What are we made of, and how does this shape our consciousness and mind?

It has been experimentally proven that our entire environment consists of

Fundamental particles are represented by Fermions:

Quarks and Leptons are fundamental particles with certain characteristics called quantum numbers: Charge, Spin, Color, etc. These quantum numbers determine the particle itself and its state, including in interactions (Electromagnetic, Gravitational, Strong, Weak).

In addition to

The mechanism of interaction, that is, the manifestation of these very forces, is determined by the exchange of the corresponding particles-carriers of interaction between other particles.

Naturally, all interactions are expressed through a mathematical apparatus that imposes certain restrictions and features.

As you can see, all interactions are similar to each other, but differ in spin and quantum number. This is their main difference. However, there is a theory that unites these interactions into a single common force. This is confirmed indirectly, mainly by the direct dependence of the distance on the source of the field disturbance. This fact is experimentally supported for all interactions.

So, theoretical calculations show that at energies above

Hence, we can conclude that there is a direct dependence of any process on its environment.

That is, under certain conditions, those processes and conditions will arise that energetically will fully correspond to these very conditions.

Let’s go back to the bricks of the universe (

So, the everyday world order consists of only two quarks of the first generation — the Upper and the Lower. Second generation quarks («Enchanted and Strange») and third generation quarks («True» and «Adorable») are born in particle accelerators at the appropriate energies, that is, they appear under the appropriate conditions.

Leptons are also divided into

The same thing happens with other particles. The proton is the only stable constituent particle under today’s conditions; a single Neutron decays, becomes a Proton, changing its quark composition.

Other compound particles (mesons, hyperons, tetraquarks, pentaquarks, etc.) decay under normal conditions, and are born and exist only under certain conditions for their structure.

Quantum numbers are directly related to the energy conditions surrounding them. In some conditions, there are some quantum vibrations with certain quantum numbers, in other conditions they are transformed into other quantum vibrations, already with different quantum numbers. That is, the quantum numbers in quantum field oscillations strictly correspond to the energy conditions surrounding them.

In our today’s world, what was at the beginning of the birth of the Universe and what will be at the end of its evolution cannot just appear and stably exist.

Consequently, the emergence of life and mind is due to the corresponding energy conditions, and is a natural evolutionary stage of our Universe. That is, life and mind arise only in a certain period of the evolution of the Universe. However, for the stable existence of life and mind, it is required to maintain these conditions for a certain time period.

The emergence of life and reason is the next and, possibly, inevitable stage in the evolution of our Universe.

In the next article, we’ll talk about the evolution of the Universe and the actual appearance of life in it.


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