The London Court ordered Binance to track hackers and return the cryptocurrency stolen from


The Royal Court of London ordered the Binance Exchange to identify hackers behind the burglary of the company company, as well as track and remove stolen assets.

After on June 6, the attackers received access to the Binance account and were able to sell $ 2.6 million on the tokens platform, the laboratory of artificial intelligence asked for help to law enforcement agencies. According to Reuters, during the process, lawyer Sidur Rakhman said that it was time to dispel the myth on the anonymity of cryptoacivals, because in fact, with the help of the right methods and applications, they can be monitored and restored.

He also pointed out that the exchange was already tracked by fraudsters, the suspicious deposits blocked and frozen digital assets. The BINANCE press service confirmed that experts are already engaged in restoring the deposit. By adding that it makes everything you need to ensure the security of the platform users.

Although the London Court fully satisfied lawsuit, the Exchange has the right to demand from the company to prove that its account was really hacked before returning stolen means.

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