The lightest material for sound insulation weighs only 2.1 kg per cubic meter


Scientists have developed a new incredibly lightweight material that can reduce the noise of the aviation engine to the level of the hair dryer.

The team from the University of Bata created Aergel from graphene oxide and polyvinyl alcohol, the mass of 1 m3 of which is only 2.1 kg, which makes it the easiest at this soundproofing material. Its structure resembles meringue and contains a lot of air, which causes its low density.

According to researchers, a combination of excellent sound insulation properties and low weight allows it to be used in various spheres, from construction to the aerospace industry. The team believes that the new material is ideal for suppressing the noise of aircraft engines.

Experiments have shown that it can reduce the noise level of the reactive engine from 105 dB to 16 dB, which is comparable to the volume of the usual hair dryer. At the same time, the total mass of the aircraft will not change. Currently, the Group is working to improve the thermal conductivity of the material to improve the safety and efficiency of its use.

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