The Israeli Defense Ministry arrested 84 cryptococheries, managed Hamas, mainly with Bitcoins and Tether


The Minister of Defense of Israel Beni Ganz has signed an order to arrest 84 Kripkochelikov who binds Hamas’s militants.

According to analysts, various cryptocurrency with a total cost of about $ 7.7 million is stored on the analysts of the list of about $ 7.7 million. The main share is accounted for by Bitcoins and TETHER stelkins, but deposits also include Ethyurium, Dogicoin, XRP, Cardano and Stellar.

The National Bureau to combat the financing of Israel’s terrorism has been attributed to the ownership of most Palestinian wallets associated with Hamas. However, some addresses are anonymous, exchange deposits or belong to brokers, and in other information is limited only by email.

The authorities did not disclose the names of trading platforms, on which the militants were allegedly conducted. The ministry also stated that any individual can appeal against the arrest of digital assets if he considers it unlawful.

Despite the cases of use cryptocurrency in criminal activity and terrorism, earlier this year a representative of the Foundation for Human Rights

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