The infantry of the United States will equip the glasses that will allow soldiers to see through the walls.


The US Defense Ministry allocated $ 880 million for the purchase of 40 thousand expanded vision systems for soldiers of infantry troops, which allow to obtain tactical data and monitor the fight, being inside the armored personnel carrier or a barrier.

Iavs military glasses (Integrated Augmented Vision System) are designed exclusively for short-term power. They are connected to cameras, night vision devices, thermal insorals and other armored vehicles, allowing soldiers to see a clear picture of what is happening outside, without leaving the cab.

In addition to video data, a wide range of tactical data can be displayed on the display, including digital terrain cards and images from drone cameras. The system can also be connected to the optical sight of the rifle (with different sensors) to inspect the environment or lead aiming fire without looking out due to shelter.

According to the representative of the army, new points will allow soldiers not only to fulfill a number of actions, not risking their lives, but also increase their combat effectiveness.

Earlier, we also reported that from this year the United States Air Force will begin

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