The Government of El Salvador will present $ 30 in Bitcoins to all citizens


The President of El Salvador announced that every adult resident of the country during the registration of a cryptocurrency wallet would receive Bitcoin as a gift in the amount of $ 30.

The crypto community was delighted with this news, because according to preliminary estimates, to fulfill the plan, the authorities will need to buy a BTC by more than $ 100 million according to the last census, the total population of Salvador is about 6.5 million, of which more than 4.5 million adults who are Potentially can become active users of leading cryptocurrency.

According to analyst estimates, during their account, the general base of users of Bitcoin may increase by 2.5%.

However, citizens of the country can count on a gift in equivalent to $ 30 only after registering in an application released by the government. At a press conference, the President of Niaib Bookel said that the electronic wallet proposed by the authorities can be used anywhere where there is a mobile communication, even with an inactive tariff plan.

He also said that the previously adopted law

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