The German segment of the crypton will receive up to $ 657 billion investments in three years, according to the study


A joint study of MindSmith, OnGrid Systems, Tigertrade and Dekis showed that almost half of the funds focused on the German-based region are planning to invest in the digital assets market.

On August 2, the law entered into force in Germany, allowing specialized funds to invest up to 20% of assets running in cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. To this event, a group of analysts was timed to survey 70 funds operating in Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

According to the results of the study, at the current time only 4% of financial organizations invested in digital assets or added them to their portfolio, another 7% are at the later planning stage and consider the possibility of including such products in 2021. At the same time, 46% of respondents are interested in this direction, and new legislation will stimulate their access to the crypton.

According to analysts, for three years they can invest from $ 100 billion to $ 657.

86% of respondents said that regulatory uncertainty was the main obstacle to investment in digital assets. However, due to the latest changes, progress is already observed. 57% of the funds also noted that no less important interference was the lack of service providers and necessary infrastructures.

A significant part of organizations (14%) is also an interesting sphere of decentralized finances. And, according to researchers, there are all the chances that the digital euro, the digital yuan, the digital ruble and other CBDC will serve as the basis of the Adjustable DEFI ecosystem.


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