The French deputy signed a petition on the permission of the purchase of bitcoins by the Central Bank


One of the representatives of the French parliament signed a petition, which encourages the government to allow the central bank to buy bitcoins.

The initiator of the collective appeal was the head and founder of the ARK ECOSYSTEM Blockchalter. In the document, the Government is invited to consider the plan for the acquisition of the Central Bank of Bitcoins as a treasury asset, such as gold, and approve this at the legislative level.

The petition was supported by Jean-Michel Mis — a deputy of the National Assembly and a member of the Committee on Legal Affairs. Signatures will be collected until September 5, 2021. If the request is supported by 100 thousand people, it will be obliged to consider the Parliamentary Commission.

To introduce such a mechanism into the economic system of the country, in addition to approval of government representatives, it will be necessary to make major changes in the regulatory framework.

Meanwhile, the European Central Bank is looking for optimal circulation mechanisms and

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