The first temporary pacemaker dissolving in the body in a week


Scientists have developed the first wireless pacemaker, which works without batteries and dissolves in the body in a few weeks.

Cardiomulants help millions of people with heart disease, such as arrhythmia. However, in some cases, the device is required only for a short time, for example, to restore after an open operation or an attack. Modern options are a constant solution, and they can only withdraw them in a surgical path.

Now the team from the North-West University and the University of George Washington introduced a temporary pacemaker consisting mainly of natural materials. For the manufacture of an induction coil, diode and dielectric layer, scientists have used tungsten, magnesium and silicon. The only synthetic element is a milk and glycolic acid copolymer (PLGA), but it is biocompatible and safe for the body.

A small wireless device is fastened to the heart, feeds on an external source and can be adjusted from the outside. A few weeks later, the pacemaker begins to decompose under the influence of natural chemical processes in the body, without the formation of harmful connections. The time of action can be adjusted to the thickness of the coating.

After successful animal tests, developers launched the process of obtaining permission for the treatment of people. The cost of the device is about $ 100.

Previously, we also reported the creation of a smart bionic pacemaker,

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