The film is invented, converting ordinary glasses in the night vision device


Researchers have developed an ultra-thin converter of infrared light in the form of a film that converts ordinary glasses into the night vision device.

In 2016, scientists from the Australian National University made a glass surface with a plurality of nanocrystals that convert infrared light photons into higher energy radiation in a visible spectrum. Now the same team went further and created a film from tiny crystals.

When applied to the lens of conventional glass glasses, such a coating acts as a filter, which in the dark under the action of a weak built-in laser enhances infrared radiation to the waves perceived by the human eye.

According to the developers, the film does not require an external power source and performs its functions in the presence of a small laser, similar to those used in laser pointers. At the same time, it allows you to replace bulky and energy-intensive devices of night vision

Potentially technology can be applied not only for military purposes, but also in everyday life, for example, for driving at the dark or walks in the dark.

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