The European Union will create a new agency for oversight of cryptocurrency operations.


The European Commission proposed to create the Regional Money Laundering Department (AMLA), one of whose main activities will be monitored by cryptocurrency transactions.

As Reuters reports, the Agency may become a key element in the surveillance system for drug trafficking. In parallel, the EU Parliament also develops new standards for work providers of virtual assets that require data collection of both sides of cryptocurrency transactions.

Currently, digital currency translation operations do not fall under the norms of the Union regulating financial services. According to the European Commission, this exposes the owners cryptocurrency risks of participation in the schemes of money laundering and financing terrorism.

The European Union began to pay close attention to this area after the start of the investigation in the case of the largest bank Denmark, Danske Bank, through the Estonian branch of which a number of suspicious transactions passed in the amount of more than 200 billion euros.

According to the document that happened to journalists, it is planned that the national regulatory authorities of all EU countries will be included in the future of regional government.

In addition, in October, FATF must submit

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