The Etheric Commission has increased due to the mass elimination of positions with the credit shoulder


During yesterday’s collapse of the market, traders were so in a hurry to close their positions with a credit shoulder, which were ready to pay any commission.

The developer of Ethereum Anthony Sassano said that the crazy leap of fees was due to a panic of margin traders who feared their positions during the rapid decline in the ether.

Yesterday, the price of ETH has reached a minimum mark of $ 1970 and a daily fall of 38%. According to the brokerage company Pepperstone on May 19 on cryptocils, positions with a $ 9.13 billion credit shoulder were closed.

According to researchers from Delphi Digital, during the liquidation wave the average price of gas exceeded 1600 GWEI, and sending a transaction could do a few hundred dollars. However, even the payment of such high fees did not guarantee quick confirmation and some traders complained about delays.

At the time of publication, the course of Etherium restored part of the lost positions and fluctuates around $ 2700. Bitcoin yesterday is also essential

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